Tsunami Soul

I would like to thank Tom Hinders for mentioning Induct Link Wray on the air. I spoke with him after his show and could tell instantly that he is someone who knows music. Tom broadcasts from the campus of Oberlin College 91.5 FM WOBC. His show is surf and instrumental based. A rarity and so necessary in the Cleveland area. You can hear everything from Link to Man or Astroman? on his show. Definitely worth the listen!

I am however jealous. He was telling me about an album that he had autographed by Link himself. I am so envious! What a tremendous addition to a memorabilia collection. Tune in to Tom’s show and in addition to Link you can hear the sounds of other musicians worthy of induction such as Dick Dale and Davie Allan.

I want you to ponder for a moment these questions: Why is the Father of the Power Chord not an inductee? Why is The King of the Surf Guitar not an inductee? Why is the King of the Fuzz Guitar not an inductee? I guess they just don’t listen to college radio down at the Rock Hall.

Hey Tom can I talk you into donating that album to the hall when we help get him inducted? I’ll donate my can. Who said there’s no surf in Cleveland ? Just get a board my friends.

Thank you Tom once again for having me in the studio on December 9,2008! This was a great experience and a great chance to help Link’s cause. We all are capable of correcting a serious rock injustice. I think signatures on petitions will help. It has helped other bands get in.  If we don’t – New Kids might be the next inductees.

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