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Think Link!

Posted in General on April 5, 2011 by inductlinkwray

If  you ever find yourself down and out don’t get too discouraged…. Just Think Link! That’s right find inspiration in our guitar hero Link Wray.

Link was born poor in the south during the depression as a part Shawnee Indian. He grew up sleeping on floors. His mother was an outcast , a mystic of sorts. His father often found work through odd jobs common at the time.

Link  was drafted into the Army during the Korean War. As a result of his service he contracted Tuberculosis and therefore lost a lung due to its impacts. Prior to this he had a country and western band with his brothers and this could have meant the end to his career but Link believed in himself.

Link Wray went on to influence the way the electric guitar would be played forever. His style would change the way amplifiers and guitars would forever be manufactured. In his words “Rumble was zapped into me.” He believed in himself and his calling. He believed in the inspiration of that song and what inspired him to play it that first time.

Link Wray to this day is the only performer to overcome the adversity of having an instrumental banned from airplay. He went on to have a career spanning various record labels, near obscurity at times and even selling 45s from the trunk of his car. His career continued and we believe in him because he believed in himself.

So whenever you find yourself down or the Rock Hall has you discouraged …. Think Link!

To sign the Induct Link Wray online petition please view our online petition page. Thanks for thinking Link!


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