If you have questions, comments, suggestions or anything else that you want to talk about in terms of Induct Link Wray, please send an email to inductlinkwray(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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2 Responses to “Contact”

  1. It’s now been 4 days since I first heard Rumble, ever, being that’s it’s not in the hall of fame or stuff, right? Amongst my first felling was this sharing of a definite sense of utter disgust by that fact that it so remains hiden.

    Hearing it suddenly in a mixtape (the Jack Nitzsche version) I finally stumbled on the original. Sunday January 25th 2009 was decreed by myself to be Rumbleday. I mean, what are you going to listen to after you (re-re-re)listen to Rumble? There is nothing. It is ROCK, all else is an imitation, and a pale one of course.
    hounddog, which did arrive before, is now necessarily relegated to
    #2, after around 38 years at #1 (in my book, the fool’s). In the end, hounddog is rock-N-ROLL.

    Now, I can’t stop thanking my obvious stars and
    for being shown the way, by way of the beautiful (yet inferior) bigband version. I would have gone really really insane if I hadn’t had that buffer of sorts to ease me into the so fuckin simple looking song.

    It’s just way too sacred to be stuffed into a profane institution such
    as the halloffame. It’s possibly sad of course that he surely didn’t
    get proper recognition during his lifetime, and even after. But he
    sure can rejoice in the fact that HE did it. It is not a matter of opinion that it is the best song, rock or anything. Again, what can you play AFTER Rumble?
    I can think of worst activities to pursue besides your crusade, but
    humbly offer my take on it, I am so blessed to have heard it coming at me like a ghost. Because, in the end that is what it is: Rumble is the (so-called, prophetized) holy ghost. So it cannot be displayed in
    an irrelevent institution, given Madona is in it for some comical reason.

    So, someone else sees it as such obviously, it can’t just be accounted to be denied induction because it was made by an (american) indian, or whatever absurdity their official reasons are.

    We just have to give thanks to the Linkster with our hearts, without any supporting church, and raise our arms, stretch our fingers, and bask in the sun like the lizards we are.

    So, just make a tshirt that reads “January 25th: Rumbleday”. I claim no credit for it.

    I realised on January 26th, that this first Rumbleday happens to have been falling on the 26th anniversary of the passing away of my mum. Another syncro-wink the world gives out…

    And a week BEFORE hearing Rumble I was possessed to make myself a rock number, that happens to be instrumental as well. I’ve never had such urgency to do anything. And now, in hindsight (as usual) I know why: I had to do it before witnessing this masterpiece. My song actually is even better btw… But I don’t mind keeping it to myself,
    to not distract even more the poossibility for someone to eventually, hopefuly, hear Rumble kicking them in whatever region hurts most.

    Bless you all for your commitement to a bittersweet cause, like-minded to Bob Dylan being the last rocker standing, and at such an advanced age. A miracle if there ever was one.
    NB all typos are intentional

  2. Alex Mysliwicz Says:

    Yes Link Wray is not in the rock n’ roll hall of Lame and I would vomit if he was.
    As you said it, that place is for commercial rockers. Link is not a commercial rocker and that is what is awesome about him.
    Besides, if he were to be put into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Lame, i mean Fame, wait no i mean LAME! he would have a very little display that would piss you off even more.
    Get over that place.


    Christ Love,
    Alex Th’ Jerk

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