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Happy 81st birthday Link! Lee’s Liquor Lounge tribute

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May 2, 2010 marks what would have been Link Wray’s 81st birthday. Happy Birthday Link! He was born May 2, 1929 in Dunn, North Carolina. Link would go on to become one of rock and roll’s true genius guitar virtuosos. Link Wray would create guitar techniques that would have perhaps the most profound widespread influence of any to play before or since. Legions of fans and players are deeply grateful for his accomplishments.

Several of these fans recently turned out in Minneapolis, Minnesota to pay tribute to the great Link Wray. The concert was held at Lee’s Liquor Lounge in April. All the performers played in Link’s style and several of Link’s tunes were covered. Joe Holland organized the tribute and brought the musicians together to celebrate Link. In his words he organized the tribute simply because they love Link. Joe has stated that he hopes the event can become an annual celebration honoring the musical legacy of Link Wray. I too hope that this can become an annual tribute event.Thank you Joe for making this concert happen and also encouraging people to sign the Induct Link Wray petition.

Join me and jam to Link all day long  (wherever you may be) at maximum volume to celebrate his birthday May 2nd!

May the music of Link Wray be played forever!

Sign the Induct Link Wray online petition!

The Ray Carr Show

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I would like to thank DJ Ray Carr of The Ray Carr Show on wcsb 89.3 Cleveland State University radio in Cleveland, Ohio for having me on air to discuss Link Wray on March 30, 2010. Topics of discussion included guitarists who Link had an influence on and the origins of the band name Link Wray and The Raymen.

The Ray Carr Show currently airs Tuesday mornings between 7 am and 9 am. Listeners are provided with a reprieve of the usual monotony of radio. Carr plays a wide variety of early rock ranging from Petula Clark and Jackie Brenston and The Delta Cats to the influential sounds of the phenomenal Washington based 60s garage band The Sonics. He frequently even plays some instrumentalists such as Duane Eddy, Dick Dale and Link Wray. I am a regular listener of his show and most enjoy the variety of music he plays as well as the accompanying information he provides. An oasis of rock and roll.

Thanks again to Ray Carr of  and for your support!

Join us in our cause of petitioning the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Induct Link Wray and sign our online petition!

Jimmy Page discusses Rumble

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In the 2009 released film It Might Get loud directed by Davis Guggenheim respect is given to legendary rock guitarist Link Wray. The documentary shows footage of Jimmy Page playing Rumble on 45.  It is a song in which he says possessed “profound attitude”.  The movie also showcases Jack White and The Edge. I personally can hear more of Link’s attitude through the playing of Jack White than the other two but that may just be how my ears hear their music.

Jimmy Page is widely known as a guitarist for The Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin playing predominately in blues infused stylings. I would have to say however that the “profound attitude” of Rumble did influence his playing. He is known for hard strumming and vibrato techniques originally popularized by Link.  If Jimmy Page who is a rock hall inductee believes Link had a major influence on rock and roll then perhaps the hall’s induction committee should come to the same realization.

Join us in our petition efforts to have Link Wray inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!


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