The Mission

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indylinkwray4I have visited the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame multiple times and each visit is a reminder that it serves as a commercial palace to what sells in rock & roll music. Many of those who have put the ROCK in the music have been omitted from its hallowed halls. The most glaring of which to me is Link Wray. When his Rumble hit the billboards charts, The Everly Brothers had the number 1 hit -1986 inductees. Who rocks more? I mean Rumble or Cathy’s Clown, come on? My point with that statement is not to offend but to note that songs such as Rumble, Rawhide, I’m Branded etc. would embody what the spirit of rock and roll is to be. Link would create the raw sound and style which influenced countless guitarists and continues to to this very day.

I have seen him in concert multiple times and I can say that he absolutely rocked until the very end. I’m talking deafening loud well into his 70s. I once witnessed him in an argument with a sound man who refused to turn the sound up and Link walked off the stage repeatedly, eventually the sound got cranked and Link rocked ultimately blowing all the amps in the house. I believe he is the “Father of the Power Chord” and belongs in the Rock Hall. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should exist no longer without Link. His reverb style was years ahead of its time. His influence on Rock is exponential. Link Wray is the Missing Link!

If you want to join us and help to get Link inducted sign your name on the Induct Link Wray online petition.

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*Any mention of other songs, bands, musicians etc. is merely to illustrate that Link Wray was playing his guitar and making music like none before him!

62 Responses to “The Mission”

  1. This is a no brainer. Of course he should be in the R and R Hall of Fame! I say this even though I did not get to meet him when I opened for him at the House of Blues in ’97.

    Davie Allan

    Davie Allan and the Arrows ; “King of the Fuzz Guitar!”

  2. Link is the greatest rock ‘n’ roll guitarist of all time!

    Guitarist; Los Straitjackets, Neanderthals, Spinout Music

  3. Link should be in the rock hall, not only as the great innovator of modern rock guitar and a huge influence and inspiration to thousands of rock musicians, but also because he stayed true to his roots throughout his career. How many musicians from the fifties can you say that about? Carl Perkins, Charlie Feathers and Link Wray!

    Tom Hinders; DJ ‘Tsunami Soul’, WOBC 91.5 FM

  4. Link was the man! I first heard and saw him with Robert Gordon, on Dutch TV, broadcasting their Pinkpop appearance, in about 1978.

    I’ve been playing his stuff myself in bands since 1984. And countless others have too. If you wanted a rockin’ instro that would get the crowd going, all you had to do was put Rumble or Jack The Ripper or I’m Branded in your set! All you bands out there that played his songs owe him a debt and should TESTIFY on this site! In fact anyone who ever played a power chord owes him a debt!

    Consolidated Fuzz!

  5. Link Wray Is God.

    Phil Tiki; guitarist, Wraygun Chicago, Ill.

  6. Michael Bennet Says:

    For Rumble alone, he should be inducted.

  7. Link Wray put the dirt,the grime,the true rebelliousness into rock’n’roll.The man was a pure genius when it came to coming up with a hook.In my honest to goodness opinion Link Wray is the true “King of Rock’n’Roll”.Most people may know him as the “Rumble Man”,but he was way more than just that one song.His influence on guitar players is heard All around the world.The man was the greatest single contributor to the genre,and his presence is heard everyday by people who don’t even know his name.To me that’s sad,very sad,but what’s really sad is the fact he wasn’t one of the first to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame.Yet if he never makes it,that will make him even more of a legend too.

  8. Johnny Kahuna Says:

    Yeah lets get Link into the circle of legends. simply because he has influenced so many players that are probably already inducted. Link you are missed . May you music continue to inspire us all. With my utmost respect . Sincerly Johnny Kahuna aka Surfin Johnny Q

  9. Duane A. Moore Says:

    I have liked Link Wray since I was introduced to his music. Thanks for your work to get him in the Hall of fame Eric.

  10. Link Wray wrote the schematic for how to play rock and roll guitar!

  11. Link DEFINITELY deserves to get in. Pete Townshend, Jimi Hendrix, pretty much the entire genre of punk, NONE of these guys would have had a career if it were not for Link. The man INVENTED nasty, fuzzed out, grimy rock n’ roll.

  12. Of course Link should be introduced into the R’n’R Hall of Fame.
    No doubt in my mind whatsoever.
    People like Pete Townshend, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Lemmy, Elvis Costello, David Gilmour, Bob Dylan: all of these have expressed how much Link Wray and his music has meant to them.
    I think I can make a good guess why.

    Link broke the mould; in the recording studio back in 1957 (!), he wanted to reproduce the wild-rocking, loud, distorted guitar sound of live gigs.
    Now remember: recording engineers had an attitude of ‘it’s too loud’ even at low volumes, so hey… Link stuck a pencil through his tweeter to get a raw distorted sound. This ‘distortion’, ladies and gentlemen, is now a standard feature on hundreds and hundreds of types of guitar amplifier. You can buy ‘distortion’ pedals to make your guitar raw and rocking.
    Link started it. Each and every guitarist who uses distortion, or fuzz, or and ‘overdrive’ pedal, owes his guitar sound to mister Link Wray.

    I was very, very lucky to play bass with Link on his Shadowman and Barbed Wire albums, and (with drummer Rob Louwers) we did a handful of tours together; Europe, Australia…
    So let me also tell you this: Link was a wonderful guy. The real deal.

    Should Link Wray be in the R’n’R Hall of Fame? Ha! The question should be: why didn’t they do so long, long ago??
    Link Wray and The Acemen, X-Raymen, Link Protrudi and the Jaymen, The Ace-Tones, Dr. Reverb etc.

  13. I would like to Thank Eric and everyone that is trying to get Daddy into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I would also like to thank all of his fans for the kind words and wonderful stories about my Father.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Link Wray’s first daughter

    Beth Wray Webb

  14. 100% behind this!! It’s a disgrace some of the people that are in, vice the ones that aren’t in. I remember remember as a teen (the 80′s) that Pete Townsend of the Who was the Godfather of the power chord. Then I got into Rockabilly, The Cramps, Rev. Horton Heat, Los Straitjackets (yo, Eddie), which linked me to Link. in one of his greatest hits compilations, Pete Townsend wrote the liner notes. How ironic to me. But Pete said, had there been no Link Wray, there would have not been a “Who”. Along with a million other bands.

    I saw Link 8 1/2 years ago at the Casbah here in San Diego. He Rocked, and ROCKED HARD!!! F**K the R+R HOF.

  15. This is THE GUITAR man !! mr link wray is rocknroll !!. r h o f should sober up , get their act together and give MR ROCK N ROLL the credit he deservs!!!!!!!!!!!!! . ( in fact there shouldnt be any r h o f without MR LINK WRAY ).

  16. If Rock and Roll is the sound of rebellion, then the Rock and Roll hall of fame should induct the man who was the ultimate pioneer of rebellious guitar abandon. That he hasn’t been recognized already is a fucking shame.

  17. If you consider who’s made it into the R&R hall, maybe it’s not good enough for Link.
    Pete Curry, Los Straitjackets, Neanderthals, Davie Allan, etc.

  18. Dammit Dave Says:

    The R&R HOF is a compete joke!

    They FAILED to induct Link Wray *in his lifetime*
    He rocked & rolled for 40+ years, and they blew it.

    Let me put it this way: Earth, Wind & Fire & Madonna (not to mention COUNTLESS other NON-R&R acts) are IN the HOF,
    but The Stooges & Link Wray are not? Don’t make me laugh!

    They absolutely missed the boat by not inducting Link or Ron Asheton in their lifetimes, so they are complete IDIOTS &
    will NEVER have my respect….
    F#CK them! …CLUELESS.
    Who needs ‘em anyway?

  19. For me,Link is the BOSS of the electric sound guitar .
    I discover the electric guitar thanks to RUMBLE ,in a old dirty vinyl.
    The R&R Hall of Fame is only a business for “fashion” people.
    Link Wray is the Missing Link!

    Mark “The Preacher” : Guitarist ; The Black Soul Trio,Electric Shit.

  20. I’d have to agree with Dammit Dave even though I’m pretty liberal . I met Link prior to his gig here in Rochester (with The White Devils opening) back on 7/09/02 and I was honored to be able to shake his hand. That the HOF should have shunned him (and The Stooges) in their lifetimes is unforgivable and just one more reason why I will never enter their doors. Why bother? They can’t have gotten it right?

  21. All the people who really understand what is
    NO MAINSTREAM, HE´S A CULT FIGURE for the best musicians and record collectors.
    The RUMBLE and the POWER CHORD invaded the world of POPULAR MUSIC.



  22. Joe Astley Says:

    As a kid in the 50′s, I used to lay on my back, on the floor of my

    parents living room next to their tube powered Heathkit mono “Hi-Fi”.

    The massive twelve inch speakers next to my ears, turned up loud.

    The automatic turntable played the 45rpm record RUMBLE over and over,

    and I was taken to another world. I couldn’t hear it enough, and I still

    Love it half a century later. RAWHIDE wasn’t too bad either!

  23. This is appropriate in every sense. Link Wray’s importance as an iconic figure of electric guitar history can’t be overstated. He has inspired so many. To ignore his contributions is an act of wanton negligence. Link should be honored in the Rock Hall, and everywhere.

    writer and great observer of all things logical

  24. Hey! Everybody …
    what are you waiting for?
    Link Wray MUST be inducted into the RnR Hall of Fame
    so VOTE NOW

    Played bass with Robert Gordon & Link Wray!
    check out his article on Link in Elmore magazine #6

  25. I’ll never forget Link. He was my hero! He deserves to be in the Hall NOW!!!

  26. Link Wray was Rock and Roll’s most influential guitarist – no question about it: he invented the power chord, and where would rock n’ roll guitar be without that?? But Link was one of the finest guitarists that ever lived – and a great person to work with, as well as a good friend – and I owe most of my knowledge of rock guitar playing to Link. If you ever got a chance to hear him play classical or jazz, you’d know what I mean… Link knew the rules very well, and Rock and Roll world is incredibly fortunate that he chose to break them!! – JVH

    Lead guitarist: The John Van Horn Band & Link Wray’s Raymen

  27. Boobie VanHouten Says:

    The R-N-R HOF should have started with pioneer Link Wray from the very get go! Davie Allan deserves to be inducted right along side of him too. They started the grungier heavy tunes. Why do they let people who are unqualfied sit in positions that determine a man’s legacy in the realm of guitar driven music? Someone needs to overturn their chairs while they’re still plopped down in them and while they are down there let them think about if they want to have it happen again to the count of ten!

  28. Are you kidding me? The man flat out INVENTED the big, open bar chord. He didn’t play like Scottie Moore or Merle Travis because he simply couldn’t. He came up with his own thing. Any idea how different rock and roll would have been without that huge chord played through massive feedback? Link is a fucking mountain, he needs to be in the hall of fame. Go ask Pete Townshend how he feels about it.


  29. Link is and forever be the greatest

  30. Chris Webb Says:

    Link wray is the best guitar player and he should be in the rock n roll hall fame. Thanks Eric for the support. The show will rock may 9 th 2009.

    Link Wray’s grandson! Thanks Chris

  31. Sean "Link" Lally Says:

    It is a crime that Link is not in the Hall; but then, there’s so many clowns in there that he’d almost be out of place.

  32. The Boss Of The Bosses!!!!
    Alex Berekos; guitarist, Invisible Surfers

  33. neil branch Says:

    I used to hang out in the roughest and toughest bar in D.C. Link Wray & the Wraymen was the house band.Link was a cool fun loving guy.There was nothing fake about Link.When people got to fighting, Link just turned it up <when they got to shooting it was time to leave.Shorty, was also cool he never got ruffled.-I cant understand why he isnt in the Hall of Fame. I guess they are not into rock.

  34. “We Learn So That We May Serve.” Link Wray has served the entertainment community in his vibrant display of his craft. It is time to show him the respect and recognition he so deserves.

  35. MIKE OLSON Says:

    If he isn’t inducted, the HoF won’t be worth a damn.

  36. Link Wray é um Deus do rock’n’roll , junto com seus irmaos e musicos da banda mudou a cara do rock , evoluiu , construiu a base do rock anos 60 e tudo que viria depois!
    Aqui no brasil mesmo sem o reconhecimento merecido teve influencia de sua musica e evoluçao ja que das bandas mais antigas do rock brasileiro sao de rock instrumental e surf rock!
    Sem mais palavras …..
    Link Wray á a lenda do rock!

  37. When i first heard about the rock’n’roll hall of fame, i just knew there would hardly be any true rock’n’rollers in it!.
    So i’m not surprised that they have not inducted LINK WRAY.
    These people are morons are they not?.
    I could go on, but only with this to say.
    Induct LINK WRAY!!!!!!!!!!.
    A real Rock’n’roller!!!!!.

  38. Link belongs in the Hall of Fame. It is inconceivable that they would not include Link Wray. After all where would rock be without distortion or the power chord?

    D.J. “Rockin’ and Surfin” show

  39. Rock as we know it would not be with out Mr. Link Wray…all who brandish(ed) any form of a rock guitar or listen to an E5 power chord..bow down to the man…he is the RUMBLE in YOUR sound !!!!

  40. gert andersson Says:

    mr LINK WRAY is THE rocknroll guitarist. the rest is copycats

  41. I don’t know. I see where you guys are coming from but I think Link is too good for the RNRHOF to be honest. I think it’s better that he not be there. Just as a truly great actor will never win an Oscar.

  42. Dave Calloway Says:

    I just don’t get it…

    On the HOF’s website they state that their purpose is : “to recognize the contributions of those who have had a significant impact on the evolution, development and perpetuation of rock and roll”.

    That statement of purpose sounds like a description of Link !!!

    By not inducting Link, the Hall is contradicting their own stated purpose.

    -dc, guitar and bass player; The Ulcers, The Prisoners, Headcheese.

    Well said Dave!

  43. Mr. Wray made a bigger contribution to Rock’n’Roll with a single chord than many of the people already at the HOF in their whole career. Let’s face it, who did not tried to play “Rumble” the first time they put their hands on a electric guitar?

  44. Brian Walters Says:

    Link Wray is the definition of rock n roll!! Without him, there would be no Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. The first time that I saw him, he was in his early seventies. Most rock stars understandably mellow out some as they get older. Not Link! It was one of the loudest shows I have ever been to! He was a legend. RIP Link.

    Very well said!

  45. Link is better off NOT in the RRHOF. It’s become a sad institution where elite individuals pick their favorites and clearly don’t know who’s influenced what. All the testimonials from people like Pete Townshend, Bob Dylan, Springsteen, Neil Young, etc, etc, etc, tell us how really influential Link was to ROCK n ROLL. The Stooges were better off not in there either! R&R is supposed to be anti-establishment, anti-authority, Fuck The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame!

  46. Chris Holtane Says:

    Of course the #1 String King should be inducted! No one can touch him.

  47. dock rock Says:

    The last show in Chicago the first amp blew in 20 minutes. His Native American spirit entered us all. His music so loud to get it in us and keep it there! I just loved the guy. He said if he had fame he would lose his freedom. He should have it now! The true spirit of rock and roll!

  48. Hahaha now the swedish pop/disco group ABBA is on rrhof hahah! If they think it is rock n roll they can kiss my ass!!!. Link Wray NOT JUST PLAY ROCK N ROLL HE IS WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE ROCK N ROLL. Oh and by the way TONY MCPHEE The leader guitarist singer songwriter mm for over 40 years in the group THE GROUNDHOGS should be in the real rrhof together with Mr. LINK WRAY too!!!. rock on!!!!. My love to Beth.

  49. RUMBLE ! 1958 ! Everything we love that’s loud begins here ! Alex.Va.

  50. Mr. Guitar……what else needs to be said….Link outlived so call guitar legends. The man deserves the honor. ROCK & ROLL PEOPLE!!!!

  51. What the- Link wasn’t the first guy inducted?!! I can’t believe it. This needs to be corrected now! Precious few rockers could bring more honor to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall Of Fame that Link Wray.

  52. dale h duffey Says:

    based on link’s body of work, nobody comes close – not even jimi! so i agree with all who say f— the so called rock & roll hall of fame, they are a f—in joke! i can only thank god for creating the man who created such awesome music!

  53. Duane Eddy attracted me to the old Silvertone, Link Wray made me play it, and kick in the tube Sears amp.

  54. Kevin Roeper Says:

    Please induct Link Wray into the hall of fame! Important rockabilly part of the rock and roll family tree. Just listen to “Rumble” or “The Swag” and if those aren’t rockin tunes then I am completely misguided. Thanks…

  55. His contribution of the POWERCHORD sound in rock and roll history gives him an automatic induction .And all those who are confused about him crossing over to rock and roll from country and making it stick ,like Elvis ,Buddy Holly and “THE KILLER ” Jerry Lee Lewis ,is an accomplishment in itself. I live in the Maryland /D.C line and I would sit outside the clubs where he use to play ( I was a JD at that time) and would hear that hot juicy sound that would drive your feet WILD with tapping. Apparently the people who rate that music all have tin ears and are not true Rock an Rollers. BE WILD, NOT EVIL SCOBIE

  56. Nicholai Weiser Says:

    Link was a rock GIANT. How can the hall claim to represent rock and roll and and still not recognize and acknowledge the talent and the importance of Link Wray? The induction committee should just listen to his music. Then if they still don’t get it, they should look for other jobs.

  57. neil branch Says:

    Link played the Rocket Room in 1959 He was the one who put the “Rock” in the rocket !

  58. Hello. i was just at Allmusic looking for some info and saw the first line of Link’s bio and went into hysterical shock. i went back to my forum and posted a tirade regarding the travesty of Link Wray not being in the so-called RHoF. i caught your mission here, and wanted to support it. THEN i read Jody’s comment above and then Gert’s and i had a whole new idea. Since i agree that LINK WRAY must get justice – i also feel that the HoF is a total joke – an embarrassment to Real Rock and Roll. So why can’t people like us get something ELSE started to recognize REAL ROCK and ROLL – such as Gert pointed out re: Tony McPhee – who is also a REAL DEAL? If you would like to talk about this email me, and if you wanna read what i had to say about the injustice shown to Link – it’s posted at in Guitar Heroes. Thanks for having this mission – it’s better than what i was looking for. Terrific! ~Klownwolf.

  59. i could ‘ditto’ so many other comments here….Link Wray most definitely needs to be inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of Fame. i first heard ‘rumble’ 20 years ago as a young punk rock kid. and now, thanks to itunes, i’ve been going back and nabbing Link’s gems due to the committed people that have made sure that his music stays available…rumble, fatback, boo hoo, comanche, and so many others….
    Link Wray…pioneer, artist, soundsmith, and rocker!

  60. I just discovered “Rumble” at age 42 and I’m a pretty big music maven. How is it not more well known? I’m still trying to process the fact that this song was on the charts in 1958–it’s like looking at an old black and white newsreel and seeing someone talking on an iPhone.

  61. Wow! I almost seems to me that Link should have been one of the very first people inducted. If there ever was blatant evidence that the R&R HOF is a farce……this is it…..aside from Madonna and Run DMC. How can one of the inventors of the power cord not be in the HOF. Everyone in the HOF should feel embarrased that they are there and Link is not. That Jan guy who runs the thing is a yuppie tool. Mr. Wray deserves his due, but like some other folks have said….at this point the R&R HOF doesn’t deserve Link Wray!.

  62. Who labored as long as Link Wray on a guitar before a kid decided that guitar was going to be the choice? How many records do you have to own? How many people do you have to tell about Link? It’s crazy that he isn’t there. It’s a given fact – Link Wray is the American Guitar.

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