Motivation for this Site

I would say that I have been motivated to build Induct Link Wray based primarily on how much I hear his influence throughout all subgenres within rock ‘n’ roll. When listening to almost any form of rock there exists the power chord for our enjoyment. The raw powerful basic sound that traces back to Link Wray. When I first began taking guitar lessons after learning fingering exercises, my next lesson was the . My instructor asked me to find examples and that is when I became hooked on that sound. With just one strum of the pick so much is accomplished; add distortion, reverb, and pure unadulterated volume and a guitar student can begin to learn the songs of Link Wray. A musician who can be imitated but never truly duplicated.

I have seen him in concert more than once and each time was an awesome experience. I have seen him when he had a cold; it was obvious that he put that much more effort into letting his guitar steal the show. There was very little in-between song banter which I did miss however because he didn’t do it at this particular show. I have seen him blow up an amplifier after a lengthy feud with the venue’s sound man. There were people who went outside and walked up the street to find a comfortable volume level (not true fans). The club received a noise violation that night from the men in blue. The last time I saw him was in a larger venue. I arrived early with a friend that I was trying to turn on to Link. We got there just in time to listen to our own private concert- the sound check. This was even louder than the show I previously described. Link kept asking us if it was loud enough. Of course we answered “Turn it Up!” He said it wasn’t loud enough by raising his finger in the air and then followed yet another heated discussion with the sound man. Once again the sound man said he wouldn’t go louder. Once again I witnessed Link saying there wouldn’t be a show unless the volume went up as loud as he wanted it. I once sat in front of a speaker tower at an AC/DC show. The Aussies have nothing on Link. Except for maybe the unending gratitude to the originator of the power chord and playing a show with as much volume as can be heard without bringing your eardrums to the point of surrender.

I also believe wholeheartedly he belongs in the . That is my intent with this website. If I can have just one person go down to the Rock Hall and ask why is Link Wray not in here as a result of this site it has been successful. I wish to inspire people to turn others onto Link. I regret that those of you who never saw him live will never have that experience. What an experience! When I shook hands with Link, I shook hands with the incarnation of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

One Response to “Motivation for this Site”

  1. Link if you can hear me , I do a salute in the middle of our gigs and the new crowds keep asking me if the songs are originals , and I tell them YES ! If Link could have gotten a little bit more exposure. I’ m glad I had at least seen and heard him perform in the D.C. and Maryland area to grab some of his persona. thanks man, for playing Rock and Roll LOUD ! SCOBIE Laurel Md.

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