Mutual Admiration

I have included elsewhere on this site examples of The Who being fans of Link Wray especially Pete Townshend. But did you know that Link was also a Pete Townshend fan and fan of The Who? In an interview I have seen with Link he described Keith Moon as calling out “The Rumble Man!” repeatedly in their meeting during the “Who’s Next” sessions. Wray claimed he had a good time with Moon hugging him and spinning him in circles. It was said that it seemed Pete Townshend’s legs went to jelly that he didn’t seem to know what to say. I can only imagine, in my experience that is how it is when meeting someone who has iconic status in your mind.

Link says of Pete: ” Pete Townshend is a genius of Rock ‘n’ Roll, he took my sound and carried it to the heavens.” With the influence that ‘Rumble’ had on Pete, I would say that almost qualifies as a student graduating from his teacher’s class. In this case Link’s school of rock.

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